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'Warden-Commander of Ferelden?'
"In the flesh." The woman replied,her voice booming with confidence."Who's asking?" She inquired and bent down to pull out a dagger from the large Darkspawn corpse laying in front of her,not even slightly phased that someone in a place like this knew who she was. 

"Sister Leliana sent me to search for you,we were hoping you could help the Inquisition." The agent spoke and held out a letter that bore the Inquisition's seal for confirmation.

The warden-commander then motioned for the agent to come closer and give her the letter,they complied. 

She spent a few moments reading the letter before taking out a paper and pencil and writing a few words for her friend.She looked up for a moment and looked at the agent,"What's the Inquisitor's name?"

"L-Lord Ezra Trevelyan."They stuttered,clearly taken back by her completely calm and almost casual demeanor in spite of their current setting.

"Trevelyan...A free-marcher then? hmm..." She mumbled and continued writing."Here,give this to the Inquisitor." She said extending the slightly bloodied paper to the agent once she is done.

"I--that's it?" They said,quite disappointed that the warden will not travel with them.

The hero of Ferelden raised an eyebrow before smirking and taking something out of her backpack."Give him this too."

"A-a belt?"

"Yes,quite a pricy one at that."She mused. The agent was about to speak again,probably to try and convince her to come with them one more time, when the warden sensed something heading their way."You better get out of here,darkspawn are nearby." She spoke in a more serious tone this time.

The agent nodded hesitantly and left the hero of ferelden behind to fight the oncoming monsters that lurked in the tunnels...

So,I tweaked Mistral's model a bit,gave her better eyeshadow,slightly better scars and found a hairstyle that matched her old one but once again looked better and more fitting for her and I decided to do her new and improved look some justice by featuring her in a decent render.
Anyway this is how I imagine the encounter between Mistral and the Inquisition's agent during that quest to contact the warden.Maybe I'll do an alternate one for Felix too,though I'm sure his would involve less badassery and more sulking,cuz that's how he is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also can I just say how much I love the Warden armour sets in Inquisition?? way better than the ones in DA2 tbh.

Human Female Inquisitor and Inquisition Warden Armour set extracted by :iconpadme4000:
Longsword and Dagger extracted by :iconberserker79:
Hurlock Aplha extracted by :iconnicco-and-jake:
Hair is Mortal Kombat X's Tanya which was extracted by :iconsticklove: (I edited it slightly to suit Mistral)
The Dragon Age game series and all the models are property of Bioware.

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The password is : wow

Join us and let's have some fun!! 

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Guess who by Taraevyn
Guess who
ayyy it's Felix in Inquisition graphics!! kinda!!! 
i think it's high time he got revamped too. 
please excuse my ichorent writing it is almost 3am and i'm having a terrible headache so

Dragon age series belongs to Bioware.
Orignal default inquisitor head,hair and psds extracted by :iconpadme4000: 
dao warden armor extracted by :iconberserker79:
Mistral Portrait by Taraevyn
Mistral Portrait
"It's you or me and it isn't going to be me." Mistral Cousland.

Sooo since I don't have her DA:O model and since the game's graphics are outdated anyway,I decided to give sculpting a try and to create my second canon warden Msitral from the basic human female inquisitor head.It sort of worked?? I mean for a first time it sure did meet my expectations.
Anyhoo this is how Mistral would look in DA:I if she ever appears in the game later on. Note that she looks like this in DA:O:
So big thanks to :iconpadme4000: for extracting the basic Inquisitors and their PSDs and to :iconnicco-and-jake: and :icondrakl0r: for the model parts! 
The Dragon Age series belong to Bioware.


Artist | Student | Digital Art
BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Stamp: German Language Beginner by MafiaVampFrench lang 1 by Faeth-design
gray-asexual stamp by crownstamps
Here,have a BUNCH of stamps representing the things I like:
Final Fantasy XV:

Noctis 1 by Jinze Noctis 2 by JinzeFF Versus XIII : Noctis Stamp by merigon
Final Fantasy XIII:
Lightning Stamp Revamp by lightpurgeFang Stamp by o0Hikari0oLightning Stamp. :D by TakeMeAwayxx
Final Fantasy X:
Yuna: Sending :: Stamp by SaphitriFFX Stamp II by violet-wavesFFX Stamp III by violet-waves
Final Fantasy VII:
FFVII Vincent Valentine Stamp by JackdawStampsTeam Vincent Stamp by NyaasuStamp - Dirge of Cerberus by darkittyhero

Assassin's Creed:
Assassin's Creed by Daakukitsune:thumb175976932::thumb289556908:

ACIV ladies defence squad:
AC4 James Kidd Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Anne Bonny Stamp by mizukimarieAC4 Mary Read Stamp by mizukimarie

Connor Kenway standalone appreciation spot:
Connor Stamp by SpannedSoulConnor - Stamp by chillmybones
Resident Evil :
Wesker Fan GIRL Stamp by Wesker-ChickI love Wesker stamp by Claire-Wesker1

Devil May Cry (Classics) :
dante fan stamp by soulshinigamiDevil May Cry by skinnyveestampDevil May Cry by skinnyveestamp

Mass Effect:
Mass Effect Stamp: Shepard by KarithinaMass Effect Stamp: Liara by KarithinaKaidan Love Scene Stamp by foolishsunsets

Dragon Age:
Dragon Age Stamp: Alistair by KarithinaStamp: Alistair by Tatooine92Alistair Stamp by Kitsune-NotunaiAlistair 1.0 by AmarieVeanneSTAMP: I love Alistair by christophernicolStamp: Alistair 2 by Tatooine92Stamp - Sneaky Witch Thief by bluster-squallDragon Age Stamp: Oghren by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Morrigan by KarithinaSupport the Grey Wardens Stamp by MihaiiDragon Age Stamp: Zevran by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Loghain by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Wynne by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Shale by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Leliana by KarithinaDragon Age Stamp: Sten by KarithinaNathaniel Stamp by Countess-NoirDragon Age by i-stamp


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